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Product No: INVIRC1135
Description: Durable suction unit designed for most home-care suction requirements. High-performance vacuum specifications, adjustable vacuums from 0-22" Hg (0-560 mm Hg), air flow of 0-34 lpm. Durable piston vacuum pump with easy-to-read gauges and nonmarring rubber feet. Single-use collection jars and connecting tubing for quick and easy replacement (1 set included). UL - and CSA-listed, 115 VAC/60 Hz. Weighs 12.1 pounds. 1-year warranty.
HCPCS: E0600

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Mobilaire Aspirator, 0 to 40 lpm Air Flow, 0 to 520mm Hg Vacuum
Product Details:
Dimensions  14.8 X 6.8 X 9.8IN
Item Description  Mobilaire Aspirator, 0 to 40 lpm Air Flow, 0 to 520mm Hg Vacuum
UOM Description  Sold by the each
Weight  193.6OZ
Product Number: INVIRC1135
HCPCS: E0600
Physical Information:
Weight: 193.6 Price ( Sold by the each ): $419.22
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