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S549 Mini-Coupe Scooter

Product No: S549
  • Audio latching lockup mechanism for simple fram separation with only one hand
  • Auto connecting front to rear cable
  • All new frame design easily disassembles for convenient transport and storage
  • Convenient 2 x 15 Amp battery pack provides increased driving range
  • Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Technical Specs
    max.speed up 7.2 kph / 4.5 mph
    range up 12.8 km / 8 mi.
    Turning Radius 81.3 cm / 32" (S539)
    109.3 cm / 43" (S549)
    ground clearance 6.4 cm / 2.5"
    motor DC24V, 100W(Rating) /
    controller S-Drive 45A
    battery 12V / 15AH x 2pcs
    charger 1.5 A off-board
    gradient 6°(250lb)
    caster 8" PU tire
    driver wheel 8" PU tire
    brake intelligent,regenerative,
    electromagnetic brakes

    Manufacturer: Merits Healthcare Products

    Product Options

    S549 Mini-Coupe Scooter - Red
    Product Number: S549
    MSRP: $1,420.00 Price ( ): $1,285.00
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