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AL800 Side Loading Truck Lift

Product No: AL800
Harmar Mobility's 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

This innovative design from Harmar Mobility delivers a power chair or scooter directly to the driver or passenger's door. The AL800 provides ample clearance and reach with one less motor than the competition, making operation much simpler.

With 350 pounds of lifting capacity, the AL800 Side Loading Inside Lift will load virtually any mobility device available with ease into the bed of your pick-up truck. The AL800 also comes backed by Harmar's 3-Year Transferable Warranty.

  • Brings power chair or scooter to driver or passenger's door
  • Fully powered for effortless loading
  • Extremely adjustable base and boom
  • Weather resistant
  • Only two motors to control with remote hand control
  • Removable hook
  • Lifting Capacity 350 lbs
    Powered Rotation Yes
    Adjusts for Cab Size Yes
    Adjusts for Bed Length Yes
    Adjustable Rotation Limit Yes
    Manual Crank Backup Yes

    Manufacturer: HARMAR MOBILITY

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    AL800 Side Loading Truck Lift
    Product Number: AL800
    MSRP: $3,199.00 Price ( ): $2,499.00
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