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Freedom Alert Personal Emergency Response System

Product No: FA100

The unique emergency pendant ensures communication with loved ones and emergency services at the push of a button. Freedom Alert has two features that make it stand out as truly innovative in the market place. First, is that it’s the world’s smallest two-way voice communicator; and second is that it requires no monthly fees.

Another unique feature of LogicMark’s technology was the introduction of the two-way speakerphone pendant. While all the competitors were requiring a person to shout across the house to a speakerphone box to communicate to the monitoring station, LogicMark’s technology put the speakerphone right in the miniature pendant. You can be anywhere in or around your home and communicate effortlessly. The user talks directly through the miniature speakerphone pendant. “The true innovation of Freedom Alert is that the user can program up to four numbers into the base unit. When the pendant panic button is pushed – the first number is dialed. If no one answers – the second number is automatically dialed, etc. Should no one answer after all the programmed numbers have been attempted – then Freedom Alert dial 911 to guarantee a response. Once someone is reached communication occurs right through the speakerphone pendant. No shouting across the house to the speakerphone box of the competitors.”

Use these four programmable numbers to contact family and friends. A typical user might enter their daughter’s cell phone number and their neighbor’s home number. With the Freedom Alert, these contacts are just a push button away when the person is anywhere in their home or even in their yard. The pendant can operate up to 600 ft away from the base station. The base station plugs into any standard phone jack in the home. The pendant can be worn on a neck lanyard, on the included belt clip or the included wrist-strap.

And remember, the Freedom Alert system requires no monthly subscription or monthly service fee.

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Freedom Alert Pendant
Base Station
AC Adapter for base station
6 Foot Phone Cord for base station
AAA Alkaline Battery
Lanyard with Quick Detachment Clip
Belt Clip
Instruction Manual


Manufacturer: LogicMark

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Freedom Alert Personal Emergency Response System
Product Number: FA100
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